About Us

We are a research driven and innovation oriented service provider with a passion to redefine learning. We are focused on developing intelligent engines that aid exploration and assessment of abilities, and pro-actively lay real-time learning paths. We have developed cutting-edge learning technology based on research in information flow, learning systems, and predictive modeling.

Elish Education views individual ability as a multi-dimensional construct and enable precise and objective assessments of abilities. Quantification of abilities opens up a wide array of possibilities for administrators staring from visualization monitoring, leading to optimization and planning.

Our Vision

  • To develop a holistic learning and development ecosystem that is founded on electronic media, leverages analytical intellect, and most importantly assimilates human wisdom.
  • To fulfill the educational needs across a spectrum of individuals with reliable experience and technology.

Our Mission

  • To be the pioneer in new-generation learning and development systems that help individuals and organizations maximize human potential.
  • To provide end-to-end education solutions
  • To become a leader in the education services field.
  • To create comprehensive educational content that can be delivered through a series of innovative mechanisms, thus removing physical and cultural barriers in knowledge dissemination.
  • To be a vehicle of change by creating interfaces that allow education to reach the underprivileged.

How We Work

You Know Yourself But We Know Everything About Admissions and placements Elish Education

Yes, its true. We at Elish Education know every detail about admissions to various courses and best colleges across India. Based on our experience we know which course would suit your skills better than you do. So lets join hands and make you reach your goal by choosing the right career path.

  • We conduct an in-depth interview with every student who wishes to enroll with us so as to know your competencies
  • You then fill in our application form through which we will analyze your strengths and weaknesses
  • We will then define a plan for you based on which we will help you select the right course and college for you
  • Will fill application forms for you so as to make sure you get accepted at the first go
  • Will prepare you for everything that will help you get an admission on the first go

We understand that every relationship starts with trust and confidence and we make every effort to build it with every student who wishes to enroll with us. We offer 100% admission guarantee with no frills at all.

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